BOOK I: Origins of Eden


A Saga for generations to behold...

A Kingdom likened to many, plentiful in realms, abundant with life, and rich in resources.

Lord Jah’el is the sovereign creator over the 12 Realms, the Watchers and His most recent and precious creation of the Children of Eden. Lord Jah'el reigns from His Throne in Jannah, over a host of countless heavenly beings. His Kingdom spans from Jannah across the 12 Realms through out the ends of time. El Shahar, is the firstborn of the Watchers, and the Keeper of the Throne to Lord Jah'el. As Keeper of the Throne, El Shahar has observed the mysteries and secrets of the 12 Realms. 

Lord Jah'el's latest creation, the Children of Eden, are the inhabitants and caretakers of the realm known as Eden. However, El Shahar incites jealously to many of the Watchers regarding the intimacy and fellowship that Lord Jah'el shares with the Children of Eden. One-third of the Watchers fall astray, being consumed with pride. A rebellion divides the "Fallen Watchers" with Jannah's most devout Watchers. The Fallen Watchers, called the Grigori, begin a rebellion in an attempt to be “as gods!” Mikhal, the Protector of the Throne, and Jannah's mightiest warriors engage in Holy vs Unholy.  As a star falling from the sky, El Shahar and his followers are defeated and removed from the Paradise of Jannah. Unfolding  the  eternal skirmish of the Watchers, Children of Eden and Nephilims...


Eternal Origins will unfold a string of many tales woven firmly into a rope of  fantastic journeys for you to follow. Venturing along through the breath taking Realms of Jannah introducing hero's that are larger than life; and  meet intricately layered personalities; and avoid if you can, devious villains  that will take you captive where you stand.

Let's begin our story with the Origins of Eden expending into a total of nine  fantastic graphic novels.